Initial Consultation

This service is used as an initial assessment to identify and highlight any discrepancies in your current dietary practices. The first 30 minutes are free and can be done either over a video call or face-to-face. A 60 minute consultation is £25. Please call or send me an email to book in your consultation today.

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Sports Massage

This service aims to provide you with a tailored and personalised treatment to: support your rehabilitation process, increase recovery rates, support muscle maintenance and reduce the risk of injury or to optimise performance aspects. Please see my promotional page for my limited time sports massage offer. Alternatively, please call or email me to book in your sports massage today.

Corporate Bookings: Health Nutrition & Well-being

I am excited to announce that this brand new service is currently under construction and will be coming soon! If you know a company/business that would be interested in receiving a nutrition wellness package for their staff/employees - please call or send me an email today. I look forward to hearing from you.

Body Composition Analysis (This service is temporarily unavailable - thank you in advance for your support whilst this service is being developed)

This service will look at assessing your body composition. More specifically, it will explore how much body fat you are carrying, in comparison to lean body mass. This assessment method can be used as a regular assessment to monitor and track any changes in weight loss/gain and support the inclusion of more accurate and valid dietary recommendations to help you achieve your training/exercise goals. ***ISAK L1 Qualified***

Dietary Analysis

This service aims to explore your current dietary practices via the completion of either a food diary. Specialist dietary analysis software is used to help identify strengths and immediate areas for improvement. The results will support the development of personalised feedback, with tailored and immediate recommendations to begin promoting your health and/or performance. Please call or email me for more information on this service.

Race Day Nutrition Plan/Support

The service begins with a 1-2-1 consultation to explore current approaches to your current nutrition intake around training and/or competition. Following the consultation, you will be provided with immediate action points to begin trialling in your current training plan. Contact time with me to reflect and evaluate progress will help you to understand the recommendations being made, to help promote both your health and performance. Attendance at your race/competition for 1-2-1 support can be arranged. Please note, this will include an additional fee. Please contact me for more information on this service.

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and workshops can be delivered to clubs, teams or small cohorts of individuals looking to develop their nutritional knowledge, to promote both their health and performance. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me to find out more information.

Nutrition Coaching

This service offers a flexible approach to developing your knowledge and personal approach to your dietary intake. If you are looking to achieve weight loss, promote your health through a nutrient-rich balanced diet, develop your knowledge around food intake or looking for support and guidance for performance aspects, this service is suitable for you. Please call or email me to find out more information about this service.

Team/Club Performance Nutritionist

As your team or clubs performance nutritionist, I can meet with your athletes on an individual basis to discuss and identify and nutritional discrepancies within their current dietary intake to then determine what necessary changes need to be implemented in order to enhance both health and performance. My professional approach to working with athletes looks at educating them to be able to work independently, to be able to confidently promote their own health and performance.


My tutoring service is provided on a 1-2-1 basis. I can support individuals/learners who want to learn and develop their knowledge in: GCSE P.E. (Physical Education), FE (Further Education) Sports Course and HE (Higher Education) Sports courses - I specialise in Sport & Exercise Nutrition but can also support students around the following topics: 1) Anatomy & Physiology, 2) Exercise, Health & Lifestyle, 3) Fitness Testing and 4) Physical Activity for all population groups. For more information, please call or send me and email. I look forward to hearing from you. This will be a freelance service. For individuals under the age of 18yrs, I can provide this service when a parent/guardian is present. For tutees 18+yrs, I am happy to meet at a mutual location e.g. a coffee shop